Collective Artist
November / December 2016

Dylan Gilbert is a musician living in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Well acclimated to the stage, he has performed over 800 times across the US with appearances at the Indie Grits Film Festival, Hopscotch Music Festival, CMJ Music Marathon, Tosco Music Party and more. In 2012, Dylan's touring band morphed into the ecstatically possessed post-punk trio Hectorina who have since released 2 EPs and 4 full-length albums. 

As a composer and sound designer Gilbert has explored a number of mediums, including projects with video production group Basic Cable, submission based podcast Mystery Meat, and performance ensembles XOXO Collective and Sinergismo. His collaborations with dancer/choreographer Sarah Ingel premiered at Charlotte Ballet and ladyfestCLT in 2017 and 2018. 

Dylan continues to compose and teach music in Charlotte, NC and has begun developing what will be his 10th solo album.